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The Salt Factory is an incubator where disciples are developed.  In our training program, gifts are identified; we learn to grow in them by the grace of God; then we're deployed into the world as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, to live out our unique purposes as salt and light in the earth.  At The Salt Factory, we learn about God's Word and ourselves.  We grow through study, worship and fellowship with one another, preparing us to fully embrace our individual and collective calls to leadership--of ourselves first, then the world in which we live.

About Us

Meet the Harvins

Sam and Kim Harvin of The Salt Factory.

Samuel and Kimberly Harvin (Sam & Kim) use their lives' journeys' to help others with practical teaching and coaching that encourage us to confront the truth of "who we are", so we can live the life of  "who we're meant to be".  

Kim's illumination of scripture and facilitation of life-changing worship work in concert with Sam's powerful ability to connect with and equip others for successful leadership. Together, they create atmospheres that inspire sincere change for authentic and courageous living.  

THE SALT FACTORY was born out of these experiences.  It is a place where His spirit inspires a thirst for knowledge of Him; a redirection of priorities; and finally a launch into one's destiny.



We go outside of our walls to engage the community around us. As ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, we have been given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18), so it is our assignment, honor and privilege to be put boots to the ground in service to our King.  Refer to our Events page for opportunities to join us.

coaching & discipleship training


We receive encouragement through worship, life coaching and spiritual training by studying the Word of God, so that we're fueled for the work of the ministry in our communities. Refer to our Events page for opportunities to join us.

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